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The Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue

Working together for our common future

Concept Note

The world is at a turning point in history. It is confronted with existential threats and multiple major crises, including the climate emergency, unsustainable overconsumption and the plundering of resources, spiking inequality, as well as growing intolerance driving xenophobia and bigotry towards other groups.

The ongoing struggles for gender equality are suffering new setbacks. The global youth population is growing exponentially whilst lacking mechanisms to fully participate in society. Oppressive regimes are curtailing civil rights and physical and ideological wars rage world-wide. Waves of suffering and displacement emerge as a collective result.

Our own future, which is intertwined within these various fragile, complex and interconnected systems, hangs in the balance, and immediate and concerted action is required. In this spirit, parliamentarians and religious actors1 who share the common goal of serving their communities and promoting their wellbeing, could be valuable allies.

Involving religion and belief in dialogue

Has emerged as an important avenue to address common challenges, especially those with an ideological or identity-based dimension. Dialogue between religions and beliefs can take a number of forms:

Interfaith Dialogue

which engages with people from different religious backgrounds

Intra-faith dialogue

which engages with people from different traditions within the same religious community

Inter-belief dialogue

Which engages with people with different world views, including those who do not hold any belief or are not affiliated to any specific tradition.